The Manifest

I did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.

Matthew 5:17

The European idea is coming to an end. A policy of fear, exclusion and exploitation has replaced the principles of freedom, equality and human dignity to which the European Union unconditionally committed itself in its founding treaty.

For the sake of profit, European companies are destroying entire modafinil, forcing those who live there to flee and thereby creating millions of landless and homeless people. By speculating on land and natural resources and conquering markets, they are ruining the local producers. The victims of this global exploitation are being criminalized.

What is more, European governments cooperate with countries in which people are exposed to torture, slave labor and sex work. They stood idly by while over 30,000 people drowned in the Mediterranean. They accept that in the heart of provigil, millions of migrants are exploited for the production of cheap products. They deny them the right to self-determination, to fair jobs and thereby to the dignity to which all human beings are entitled.

Tolerated by the other member states of the European Union, the Italian Government has now even criminalized the rescue of people drowning. We say: a line has been crossed!

We declare

Freedom of movement is a human right. We demand a global right to travel and right of settlement inside and outside of Europe. One travel document for all human beings regardless of their origins!

Nobody is illegal. Anyone who sets foot on European soil must, upon arrival, have all rights as laid down in the European founding treaty.

All people must have access to adequate housing. Unused infrastructure and abandoned land are public property. We call for the occupation of this space!

Everyone has the right to humane working conditions and fair wages without any discrimination. We demand criminal prosecution of all companies that do not respect this principle, including their worldwide supply and production chains.

Product prices must reflect the fair value of labor. We object to the consumption of goods which is based on human exploitation – in Europe and throughout the world.

Human dignity is the dignity of nature. No more destructive monocultures, fertilisers and herbicides! Food production is not for profit but for the common good of present and future generations.

We declare all regulations and rules that counter the principles outlined here to be invalid. Solidarity instead of exclusion, justice instead of discrimination, sustainability instead of exploitation!

If we do not act now, we are complicit in the ongoing violation of human rights, the resulting calamity of millions and the irrevocable destruction of our planet.

Let us rise, in the name of human dignity and on behalf of the current and all future generations! For when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty!

First supporters

  • GEOFFROY DE LAGASNERIE, philosopher and sociologist, Paris.
  • DIDIER ERIBON, journalist, author, sociologist and philosopher, Paris
  • MARCELLO FONTE, actor. Rome.
  • ENRIQUE IRAZOQUI, actor and literature scientist, Cadaqués.
  • MAIA MORGENSTERN, actress. Bucharest.
  • ULRIKE GUÉROT, political scientist and publicist, Krems.
  • SREĆKO HORVAT, philosopher and author, Zagreb.
  • WOLFGANG KALECK, lawyer. Berlin.
  • EDOUARD LOUIS, author and philosopher, Paris.
  • LORENZO MARSILI, author and political activist, Rome.
  • ROBERT MENASSE, author, Vienna.
  • ROBERT MISIK, author, Vienna.
  • SASKIA SASSEN, sociologist and economist, New York.
  • THOMAS SEIBERT, philosopher and author, Berlin.
  • HARALD WELZER, author and sociologist, Berlin.
  • JEAN ZIEGLER, sociologist and author, Geneva.

The campaign “Revolt of Dignity” is led by IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder in collaboration with Associazione No Cap – Contro ogni forma di caporalato, Ghetto Out Casa Sankara, Osservatorio Migranti Basilicata, Agricola Leggera, Campo Libero in association with European Alternatives, European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), Medico International, FUTURZWEI – Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit.